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Shopping Cart Instructions:

Page by Page instructions for using our shopping cart. Please print if necessary.

If you are having trouble with the shopping cart, Hopefully this will help you out.

Please READ the text on each page of the Cart before proceeding. Paitience and Reading information will solve most problems....

If  step by step pictured instructions are easier for you to understand please email us and we will send them to you.

Select the item(s) you wish to purchase by clicking the text link or thumbnail image in each search result. Click the “add to cart” button when you wish to start the ordering process.

all you need to do once you "Add to Cart" .  

click the gold Checkout with the two blue arrows or the "Continue Shopping" if you wish to purchase.

On next page you either have to enter your user name and password if you are a returning customer or enter your address information if you are buying from us for the first time. Then scroll down to where you see the green "Next" button in the center of the page by itself. Click the next button. If you are still logged in it should skip this page and go right to the page noted in the next paragraph.

Next page is asking you to confirm your shipping address and you should see it on the page if you scroll down a little bit. Click the little green next button again if the address is correct. If there's something wrong with your address email the correct one to me after you finish and I'll fix it here.

Next page is asking you to choose a shipping method. Click the little round button in front of the shipping method you wish to use. This will put a "green dot" in front of the method you choose....then click the green button again.

Next page is asking for you to choose a payment method. Click the little round button in front of the one you wish to use. Click the green NEXT button again.

Next page, just scroll down and click the green "Confirm Order" button and you will either be done and see a big green check mark on the next page or you will be taken to Paypal if you chose to use Paypal services to  pay with a debit or credit card. You WILL NEED to fill out the forms and enter your card information at Paypal in order for the transaction to be paid for and completed.

If you still can't get the cart to work, I have an instruction sheet with pictures if that might help, just email me and I'll send it to you.

If all else fails and you still are not able to get the cart to work, email me the title of the item and if possible the SKU number along with your address and choice of shipping method. I need this much information to use the cart for you and get your order processed.

Please understand that it is faster, more efficient and more secure if you process the orders yourself. Having some patience, taking your time and READING the information on each page before clicking the “Next” button will save you and me a lot of time and frustration.

I am here to help most days, but I also do record shows and am out of town several times a year and this may result in emails occasionaly not getting answered for several days.

Please keep in mind that most days that I am here, I am busy sorting, cleaning, listing, taking pictures and dealing with customers that walk in and that my feeling in general is that if you are ordering items on a website then you should be able to "do it yourself" without my help unless there is a problem like "shipping buttons" not working or an issue with  Paypal not processing your card.

Most errors occur because wrong information is entered, incorrect spelling and failure of the user to read instrutions or information. Please remember, you are working with a machine and it is only does what you tell it to do. It can't read your mind or perform magic tricks....


Thanks for understanding,


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